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Training opportunities for the next generation of food and farming leaders in agroecology

Training in Applied Agroecology Program (TAAP)

– engaging, online-only Applied Agroecology curriculum and class, combined with hands-on training (prioritizing enrollment for socially disadvantaged U.S. residents)

Currently offering two certificate classes:

  1. Certificate in Applied Agroecology:
    The certificate program uses a cohort model, and is designed to induce self-inquiry as TAAP Fellows define and advance their interest in agroecology, farming & food pathways. Fellows will complete 14 weekly sessions over 4 months, assignments (including professional development topics), as well as work with a mentor to complete a learning plan to complete 80 hours of self-directed learning (50 hours of hands-on work & 30 hours of technical training). We use Google classroom to facilitate course materials and class assignments. We meet virtually each week using Zoom. Key course themes include: (1) Food Sovereignty, (2) Food Systems, (3) Participatory Action, (4) Land Defense, (5) Sustainable Agroecosystems, (6) Agroecological Practices.
  2. Certificado en Introducción a la Agroecología (ofrecido en español) → Certificate in Introduction to Agroecology (offered in Spanish):
    El certificado incluye sesiones y actividades de desarrollo profesional. Los estudiantes completarán 8 sesiones durante 4 meses (2 mensuales) y asignaciones (incluidos temas de desarrollo profesional). Usamos el aula de Google para facilitar los materiales del curso, el envío de tareas y reunirnos virtualmente con Zoom. Los temas clave del curso incluyen: (1) Soberanía alimentaria, (2) Sistemas alimentarios, (3) Acción participativa, (4) Defensa de la tierra, (5) Agroecosistemas sostenibles, (6) Prácticas agroecológicas.

    The certificate course includes coursework and professional development activities.  Students will complete 8 sessions over 4 months (2 monthly), and assignments (including professional development topics).  We use Google classroom to facilitate course materials, assignment submissions, and meet virtually using Zoom.  Key course themes include: (1) Food Sovereignty, (2) Food Systems, (3) Participatory Action, (4) Land Defense, (5) Sustainable Agroecosystems, (6) Agroecological Practices.

Please Note: TAAP Fellows may participate in hands-on opportunities to complete part or all of their training hours at Empower School & Farm in Umatilla, Florida. Apprenticeship information will for interested TAAP enrollees.  

TAAP cost:  $0. U.S. residents who qualify as socially disadvantaged via USDA guidelines receive priority enrollment. Donations to support limited resource learners are always welcome!

To request an application for TAAP, please start by submitting the Inquiry Form below.


2501 Program funding for TAAP provided by the USDA’s Office of Partnerships and Public Engagement