Global Partners

We partner with Trusted representatives, Non-governmental agricultural organizations & INSTITUTIONS to facilitate experiential training and cultural exchange opportunities for beginning farmers & food systems leaders

What/where is MESA’s Global Network?

Global Partners are reputable NGOs that also are directly aligned with MESA’s mission. MESA Global Partners recruit, screen and help prepare exchange candidates (Stewards) for the U.S.-based training program in sustainable agriculture. Beginning in 2021, Global Partners are required to facilitate an online Food Systems and Global Citizenship certificate course* that will serve as the preparatory stage for prospective Stewards. GPs may also offer reciprocal training opportunities for MESA’s network of sustainable farm and food systems advocates.

*the course is open to all within the GP’s region and does not require all students to apply for U.S. training. GPs are encouraged to collect student enrollment fees to support their facilitation services and community work. MESA staff and partners provide development assistance and resources for course development.

MESA’s current Global Partner NGOs are based in these 3 geographic regions:


Global representatives for

Latin America and the Carribean: Sandra Figueroa (sandra at mesaprogram dot org) and marcelita ponce de leon (marce at mesaprogram dot org)


Global Partner for



Global Partner for

South Asia: SAPSRI


How to Apply to be a Global Partner:

Due to limited funding as compared to the considerable investment of MESA’s staff time to 1. onboard new GPs and 2. guide GPs in developing and facilitating our newly required certificate course for all prospective Steward candidates, MESA is unable to consider any new GPs as a recruitment partner for the U.S. training program at this time.

A note for individuals wanting to apply for SAGE, MESA’s US-based program:

If you see a Global Partner listed above for your home country or region, please contact them directly to learn about the application process and to join the next SAGE prep course.

Don’t see your country or region listed? You may still be eligible to apply as an individual Steward candidate, but only if:

1. You enroll in/complete the next SAGE prep course offered by a MESA Global Partner located in one of the 3 regions above

2. You have already secured a U.S. Host placement that intends to submit a Host application to MESA.

To review more about SAGE Steward requirements, U.S. program costs, etc., click here