MESA is proudly partnered with Garden Savvy to create the garden of your dreams

Garden Savvy supports MESA and home gardeners everywhere when you sign up for a one-year Hortisketch membership. Hortisketch is the ultimate online home gardening tool, offering a vast range of customizable features and accurate growing and spacing information that allows you to create your ideal garden space, whether it’s a vegetable garden, an orchard, or your entire property.
Whether you’re looking to plan a new garden or enhance an existing one, Hortisketch has everything you need to make it happen. Start planning your garden today and also support MESA’s mission with Hortisketch!

With every copy of Hortisketch sold, Garden Savvy will donate 50% of sales proceeds to MESA, helping MESA bring about a brighter future and making a real difference in the lives of people globally. Join us in supporting MESA’s mission by embracing the power of gardening and planning with Hortisketch today.

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