Chanin Chier: Healing Gardens at the Center for Discovery

May 15, 2011

Chanin Chiertusanaprakit is a MESA Steward from Thailand who has been placed at the Healing Gardens at the Center for Discovery. The Center for Discovery is a provider of educational, health and residential services for children and adults with severe disabilities and medical frailties, and the Healing Gardens provide activities and a healing environment for the residents.

At the Orientation Welcome Dinner, Chanin spoke to us and our supporters about his personal journey as he’s shifted from city living in Bangkok to farming in Northern Thailand.

He’s also been writing us some nice notes to us about his experiences so far at the Healing Gardens:

The resident really gave me an extraordinary energy.
They make me want to be pure.
And how the centre manage them to be with nature and arts us just right,not only for people with special needs.
But for everyone should have this opportinity.
Working in the garden which connect to the ideas of the whole centre of providing a nice healing environment for every being around including myself are so hollistic and just gave me lots of energy to do things.

It’s overwhelming for the past month,not sure if this ratio could continue.

I saw the video post in your FB wall about Stiener, i just got one of his book.
Finish first chapter, my view for this farm is shifting again,
couldn’t imagine after this program end which kind of animal i’m going to be.
Soon my tail will grow,
hope the insurance will cover for that.

Say Hello for me to everybody.