Announcing Summer 2013 Peru Program

Interested in training abroad in agroecology? MESA is proud to announce its newest international program:

Eight-Week Certificate in Global Agroecology and Local Food Systems
in Peru from June 24th-August 18th

MESA’s Summer-Peru Program integrates project-based education and community work experience in agriculture to equip beginning farmers and food justice advocates with the skills to repair our global food system. MESA’s diverse and experienced team of Peruvian Alumni and affiliated university professors are eager to provide Summer-Peru Stewards with a compelling academic curriculum, language study and immersion, cooperative learning, mentorship, and hands-on work experience. Upon completion of both academic and participatory components, Stewards earn a Certificate in Global Agroecology and Local Food Systems.

Program highlights include :

  • Urban Agroecology Shortcourse with UC Berkeley Professor Miguel Altieri in CA Bay Area*
  • Workshops and trainings alongside farmers, Peruvian MESA Alumni, and experts in the field
  • Historic and agrarian tours in Lima and the nearby coastal town of Mala
  • Compelling academic curriculum exploring traditional Peruvian agriculture, farmer-to-farmer exchange, agroecological practices, local market drivers, social movements, and agricultural reform
  • Rural homestays with Peruvian MESA Alumni and their communities ranging from the Peruvian highlands to the biodiverse rainforest
  • Project-based education and community fieldwork projects in agroecological self-sufficiency, women farmer associations, farmer cooperatives, farmers markets, biointensive greenhouses or organic dairy and cheese-making
  • Language study and cultural immersion

*optional shortcourse June 24th-June 28th

Join MESA’s global network of sustainable farmers and advocates! Applications for MESA’s Summer-Peru Program are due May 17th. Limited need-based scholarships available.
For more information about the program offerings, host farms, our international partners, and how you can become an International Program Steward please visit the MESA-Peru webpage.