Partner Highlight:  Solidarity Farm + Foodshed 

Southern California’s Solidarity Farm is a 10-acre seasonal vegetable and fruit farm that practices “ethical farming” which means they work hard every day to balance the needs of humans, animals, plants and nature in a way that honors each part of our interconnected systems. Solidarity Farm has hosted many MESA Stewards over the years, and we’re now expanding our partnership to grow even more farmers.

Solidarity Farm’s partner-owner Ellee Igoe also heads up Foodshed, a 100% farmer owned community of farmers, eaters, and entrepreneurs taking action to co-create a viable and equitable local food system.

This summer, MESA is piloting a new program with Solidarity Farm & Foodshed to provide training and support for seven Agroecology, Farming & Food Pathways (AFFP) participants.Each AFFP participant is apprenticing under the supervision of experienced farmers through regenerative agricultural practices that promote sustainable food system practices.  We’re excited to support Foodshed, Solidarity Farm and our AFFP participants to champion the food systems movement and uplift communities with access to healthy, affordable, accessible and culturally relevant food. 

Our MESA team at Solidarity Farm.