On-Farm Projects

MESA provides start-up funds to seed ecological farming and food justice projects for current Stewards and Alumni.

MESA’s competitive matching grant and microloan program for on-farm projects is called Sustainable Projects for Resilience, Innovation and Germination (SPRIG). SPRIGs foster innovation, mentorship, and experimentation for sustainable farms and organizations by supporting collaborative on-site projects involving Hosts and Stewards. Upon completion of their international exchange, Steward Alumni are also eligible for grants and microloans to launch SPRIGs in their home communities.

Over the last two decades, MESA has provided over $186,000 in grants and micro-loans to Stewards and Hosts to support ecological farming and food justice projects in 16 countries including Armenia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Georgian Republic, Ghana, Kenya, Lithuania, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the United States. Projects have included greenhouses, rabbitry programs, solar installations, carbon sequestration, insectaries, compost improvements, seed saving, and many more.

SPRIG Project areas of focus:

– Climate Change Resilience
– Biodiversity, Conservation, and Ecological Production
– Market Innovation and Financial Health
– Community Education and Engagement
– Renewable Energy and Green Infrastructure

If you are a Host, Steward, or Alumni looking for SPRIG information, click here.

Project Spotlights

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