On-farm Research and Projects

Project support, funding, and research initiatives to seed innovation and experimentation in agroecology

MESA advances on-farm sustainability, innovation, and collaboration to amplify the ingenuity, creativity, and viability of small-scale farmers. Our methodology uses participatory action research and farmer-led citizen science tools to deepen and expand awareness and scholarship for agroecological and sustainable food systems.

We do this through three main strategies.

1. Linking scientists, researchers, and farmers to design on-farm experimentation and monitor and analyze data from small to mid-scale diversified farms.

2. Supporting farmers to highlight and enrich their unique skills as scientists and educators.

3. Developing mobile data collection tools and aggregating data for agroecological resilience and climate change mitigation and adaptation.


MESA partners with organizations and farmers to advance on-farm research.

Current projects include: Building Climate Resilience


MESA funds on-farm Sustainable Projects for Research, Innovation and Germination to increase sustainability through our US and International SPRIGs for Exchange Hosts and Stewards.

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