Experiential Exchange

Crossing borders and pushing boundaries to put agroecology into action through on-site learn-and-share exchanges in sustainable farming and food justice

International Exchange Program

MESA connects food and farming changemakers around the world for experiential training and cultural exchange. Whether you are a farmer, educator, activist, artisan or innovator, you can participate to share strategies, struggles, and solutions in your field. “Stewards” travel for on-site collaborative training experiences and cultural immersion and “Hosts” host Stewards on their farms and training sites. Hosts and Stewards are both leaders and learners bringing their unique ideas and experiences to the table, and field. Ecological farms, nonprofits, community organizations, sustainable food suppliers, distributors, and organic research centers are eligible to host experienced Stewards for up to 12 months of on-site education and cultural exchange. Learn more.

Seed Internship Program

The Seed Internship is a training program that combines online and classroom learning, farm-based independent study, and real-world experience through placement with a diverse network of experienced seed producers. This program, in partnership with Organic Seed Alliance, helps match individuals seeking to learn more about seed production with experienced seed producers. Find out more.