The MESA Farm will be a cutting-edge practice site for agroecology and seed sovereignty to train and mentor the next generation of farmers, preserve and promote agrobiodiversity, and preserve land for a thriving local food system in the real-estate crazed Bay Area.


MESA is developing a proposal for a 7-year lease on between 1 to 3 acres of land at Wild and Radish, LLC, a 10-acre urban farm and eco-village in El Sobrante, CA to develop this site.

As a center for native seed breeding and for preserving native, heirloom, locally-habituated seeds and medicinal crops, the MESA Farm will promote biocultural diversity through the use, cultivation, and propagation of underutilized, nutrient-dense, climate-resilient crops and medicines native to the Bay Area. The MESA Farm will also be a training and learning site to host Stewards in our International and Seed Exchanges, carry out our Bay Area Farmer Training for beginning farmers from immigrant, formerly incarcerated, and under-resourced backgrounds, implement regular farmer-to-farmer workshops, and host an annual Community Event that celebrates the rich cultural food heritage indigenous to the Bay Area.