The MESA Farm is a place for cutting-edge agroecology and seed sovereignty to train and mentor the next generation of farmers, preserve and promote agrobiodiversity, and preserve land for a thriving local food system in the real-estate crazed Bay Area.

The Center for Urban Agroecology furthers MESA’s organizational mission to revive community food systems and link ancestral knowledge with innovation rooted in earth stewardship, equitable economies, and multicultural alliances worldwide. It preserves land to be farmed sustainably, while developing a model that integrates education, training, and sustainable practices focused on the local economy while furthering global solidarity for land-based resilience, well-being, and diversity.

MESA’s 3-acre farm is dedicated to supporting collective land stewardship and the next generation of farmers, and would help underserved and beginning farmers without access to land in starting their own farm businesses. We produce healthy, affordable food for Bay Area residents using agroecological farming practices. We dedicate spaces for sanctuary, healing, and comprehensive training and incubator opportunities for beginning farmers in agroecology and environmental stewardship.

We serve diverse communities in California’s Bay Area, with a focus on beginning and underserved farmers interested in agroecology, food justice and food sovereignty. Finally, we promote the diversity of the bio-culturally rich Bay Area in alliance with our global partners in analogous climate zones around the world to develop locally habituated varieties and seeds resilient to climate change that are not frequently preserved for commercial production.

Donations welcome!

Donations most welcome! Current infrastructure needs:

  • a dome for events
  • a classroom
  • a greenhouse.
  • a 4wd pickup truck
  • trees to establish our agroforestry system

To make a tax-deductible donation to the MESA Farm, please email and one of MESA’s staff will get back to you.