Program Components

Hands-on training:

The 12-week program gives participants 150 hours of on-site, hands-on training in agroecology, aquaponics, organic farming, nursery production, distribution and marketing, business planning, accessing land and working capital, water harvesting, soil building, and other aspects for food and farming operations. The course offers learning opportunities with experienced farmers through site visits and guest lectures.

Online learning:

These experiential hours are complemented by multimedia online curriculum on MESA’s Farm-Centered Learning Network for Social Change which considers the technical, business, ecological, political, social, and spiritual considerations of farming. Laptops are loaned to participants for completion of the online curriculum.

Long-term support:

Launching a sustainable farm business requires support, guidance, and access to resources. Long-term support of participants after the three-month training period includes: paid apprenticeships on farms in the MESA network; small grants supporting access to land and farm projects contributing to food justice, thriving local food economies, and sustainability.

For more information or any questions on the program, please email: train at mesaprogram dot org