Global Partners & Country Representatives

What's the difference between a Global Partner (GP) and Country Representative (CR)?

Global Partners are non-governmental organizations, associations and university partners directly working to support smallholder farmers and sustainable food systems. MESA also collaborates with Global Partners for grant opportunities, reciprocal exchanges, and to support in-country project initiatives led by Steward alumni.

Country representatives are reputable exchange programs with expertise in candidate screening and visa services. CRs can also be individuals who previously participated in MESA's program as a Steward or key supporter.

Global Partners and Country Reps bring additional training opportunities to their constituent communities and diversify their programmatic offerings. They act as MESA representatives for their countries. They recruit, interview and help prepare candidates for US training. GPs and CRs are expected to support MESA Stewards during their US programs and after they return home.

Could your organization be MESA’s newest Global Partner?

MESA is always looking for Global Partners with whom we can collaborate and build upon our existing programs to effectively serve farmers and agrarian leaders around the world.

If your organization would like to join our growing network of Global Partners, please read on.

Steps to Becoming a MESA Global Partner

New Global Partners typically join MESA during North American summer months as this is optimal timing to begin preparations for Stewards to enter to the program the following year.

These are the steps to becoming a MESA Global Partner:

  1. Familiarize yourself with MESA by reading our website, specifically the Global Partner Resource Page plus program descriptions for Stewards
  2. Ready to apply? Complete this preliminary form; MESA will reply within 30 days to invite your full application, or explain why we are unable to partner with your group at this time.

Resources for Established Global Partners

MESA provides documents and support for our established Global Partners, much of which is available online. Read more on our resource page for Global Partners.

Countries where MESA has Global Partners and/or Country Representatives














Republic of Georgia

South Korea

Sri Lanka


Check out our listing of active Global Partners. And see where they are on a navigable world map. If you are interested in applying to MESA and you have a GP in your country, please contact them directly. If your country is listed above but you don't see a Global Partner contact, please mesa [at] mesaprogram [dot] org (subject: Country%20Representative%20Contact%20Information) (email us) for your Country Rep's contact information.




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