Solidarity Fund

This year marks MESA’s ten-year anniversary of offering international farmer-to-farmer exchange programs on behalf of sustainable agriculture. For ten years, we have built bridges between rural communities and sustainable agriculture advocates all over the world. Today, MESA is becoming: a fiscal sponsor for dozens of home country projects launched by MESA stewards once they return, …

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MESA is delighted to partner with innovative doers and thinkers in the sustainable agriculture field who help us shape our programs according to the evolving needs of our stewards and hosts. These organizations and individuals represent various disciplines, constituencies, and perspectives; helping us to broaden our view of the entire system so that we can …


Fiscal Sponsorships

[img_assist|nid=210|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=350|height=222] Over the years MESA has spawned the development and/or continued growth of a number of dynamic sustainable agriculture organizations – such as EcoVida in Riobamba, Ecuador (see below) – through its fiscal sponsorship program. To be eligible for fiscal sponsorship, individuals and organizations need to have an active relationship with MESA either as a …

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