The MESA Farm Gets Growing

This harvest season we really have something special to celebrate in our newsletter – the bounty of our MESA farm! As our first official season in production, this summer harvest is particularly significant and meaningful. We want to share the abundance with you, so please read on for updates from our fields as well as a couple of ways to get involved.

Happy Harvest,

The MESA Team

MESA Farm Manager Peter Varas tending our new crops

News from the fields

Photos by Brooke Porter Photography

A diversity of crops abound this season at MESA’s nascent 4-acre urban farm in El Sobrante California… tomatoes, corn, beans, buckwheat and many more! Since joining as MESA’s farm manager this year, Peter Varas has steadily laid the groundwork for what we envision will be a vibrant center for urban agroecology: a space for farmers to autonomously pursue hands-on education in agroecology toward the goal of recuperating ancestral practices and land based spirituality.

The MESA Farm will host educational workshops, trainings, apprenticeships, and an incubator program for farmers residing in California’s East Bay Area. By January 2020, the first cohort of incubator farmers will be selected to steward the land. They will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of different production systems, including market gardening, medicinal plants, agroforestry, and small livestock management. We’ll also planning to relaunch the Bay Area Farmer Training Program in 2020. Stay tuned for more details!

This year, with backing from the CDFA Healthy Soils Program, MESA will establish a diversified agroforestry system with rotational animal grazing on at least one acre of the MESA Farm. And in the years to come, we’ll further engage MESA’s network to offer a series of trainings on agroforestry for urban and rural farmers alike. We also aim to carry out agroecological research to track the establishment of this agroforestry system.

Get involved at the MESA Farm

Volunteer with us weekly on Thursdays and first Sundays of the month from 10am-3pm! Sign up for volunteer days here. We’d love to have you out!

Donations Most Welcome

Your support will go to our infrastructure needs, including a dome for events, a classroom, and a greenhouse. We are also in great need of a 4wd pickup truck. In addition, donations of trees are needed to establish our agroforestry system. To make a tax-deductible donation to the MESA Farm, please contact and one of MESA’s staff will get back to you. Thank you!

Corn ripens behind a cover-crop of buckwheat