Manjula Priyankara: Ecology Action in Willits, CA

Our latest dispatch comes from Manjula Priyankara. Manjula is a Steward at Ecology Action. Read on for his inspiring story, how he plans to bring his knowledge back to Sri Lanka, and beautiful images from Willits:

I’m from Mathalana, Ruggahawila, Sri Lanka. Back home, I work with the Department Of Agriculture as an Agriculture Instructor. I’m married and have a small daughter named Amaya. I respect my job, and also respect ECOLOGY ACTION and MESA, who I am working with now. I am especially fond of Sustainable Agriculture. Now it is a trend all over the world. However, I believe we must improve the growbio biointensive method in Sri Lanka. Through my work at Ecology Action and through MESA, I have seen how it is used as a reliable and suitable method in the United States.

Some of the most notable days of my life include:

1. My wedding day.

2. My daughter’s birth.

3. Learning I was selected to be with Ecology Action.


I’m currently working at Ecology Action’s Golden Rule Garden in Willits, California. I was lucky to come here. All the staff is very kind and friendly and I respect them. I think GROWBIO INTENSIVE Farming is the most suitable method for our country.

Our instructor, Mr. John at Ecology Action, explains the lessons very clearly: how to create farmable soil, how improve soil, how produce compost, how to manage our diet and how manage our income, how to not use chemicals. My favourite subjects are composting and diet designing.

Before I came here I created mini home gardens, helped by Mr. Sanjana and Hemantha. When I go home definitely I can do more things using my experiences here. I aim to create a farming community around GB practices.

Our farmers at home are using so many chemicals for vegetables, and we must reduce our use of chemicals. In Sri Lanka, Our Department Of Agriculture is considering this possibility. Our Provincial Director is very interested in organic agriculture, and is helping to develop this method in our area. We are now growing traditional rice varieties organically.

Growing sustainable foods is very important to our good health. Thanks again to Mr. John and to the MESA team for giving me such a marvelous opportunity!