Ketty Cobeña Rosado: Westover Farm, WA

July 20, 2010

Adele (the Host), one day, accompanied me to buy clothes. When we got back to the house later she decided to buy food and ice cream. We got home and Darrell (Adele’s Husband) was happy about the ice cream.  I told him this is for nine o´clock. Adele said me “Well… you do not know that Darrell and I love desserts.” Darrell said me, “Noo! The ice cream is for now.”…ja.ja.ja.

Adele taught me how to knit and it was quite an experience because it was all explained to me in English, but I learned that day. I started buying wool and now I´m making a hat. I love to embroider. On saturday, Darrell´s daughter-in-law gave me magazines, fabric and yarn for me do many things. I’m happy.