Jose Calla: Pike Valley Farm, KY

July 20, 2010 

During my stay in this month, raising of chickens, turkeys and egg production remains very important to me, and I have plans to replicate it in my community. Also the operation of water supply system for chickens, turkeys, cows and pigs is very important aspect in my training here in Pike Valley Farm.

On Wednesday June 23rd our host took us to Kings Islands Park of Cincinati in Ohio State. There I saw and participated for the first time on a ROLLER COASTER and in many exiting plays that only here in U.S. we have to see.


It is summer, the heat is intense, in agreement with the HOST we decided to work from 6:00 am then to relax in the hot sun hours. Sometimes we jump into Herrington Lake with clothes to cool the day after a good rest and work in the afternoon. It is working very well, was good idea.