Ernest Anaadumba: Maverick Heritage Ranch Co., South Dakota

July 20, 2010 

I had the opportunity to deliver CSA boxes to members. The most interesting part is to see the members so excited after opening their boxes. I am happy when I make people around me happy such as this we did in Bluebird gardens.

One beautiful Tuesday morning, while busy gathering the CSA boxes for the driver and some other interns for the delivery, here comes Mark (the Host) as usual with his teases, “You are the one to deliver to the American people today.” But I laughed over it. To my surprise, the driver said, “Hey, Ernest, go and get yourself some lunch for our journey.”  I was so surprised that I had to be the navigator.
Fortunately, I was able to work with the driver and got home much earlier than usual. I was so happy at that moment when Mark said, “Bravo, Ernest! You made it in good time.”