Alex Pastor Terrones: Landisdale Farm, PA

This month the most alarming thing happened and was commented on by everyone – the hurricane. We were very alarmed – we had never lived through something like that.

One day when everything was shown with confidence while we were picking vegetables around lunch, out of nowhere the weather began to change and it began to be cloudy. A windy rain also slowly started.

We were putting all the vegetables in the trailer and maybe a little too late we all ran to the truck. The storm was very close! The best decision was to cover the trailer with a tarp as the rain and wind became more stronger every second.

The wind was so strong we all got under the trailer to hold the tarp down and prevent the wind and rain from blowing it away. We were all worried as we watched the rain, and we saw that a few intensely strong branches of the trees fell. Seeing the rain and the wind was memorable.

When we all came out to the sides of the trailer we were surprised that a very thick and strong tree and light poles were down – just like the corn fields, all broken. People were awestruck and scared.

All this happened in less than 5 minutes. Can you imagine if we spend an hour or a day with rain and wind of the same intensity?!

We are okay but I don’t think we were prepared. It’s better that where I live we don’t have weather with that much intensity. Thank God we are all okay, and things have returned to normal.