Announcing CITA Thailand program

MESA’s long term global partner, Earth Net Foundation (ENF) is excited to be developing a CITA program in Thailand to invite beginning farmers and agriculture students interested in sustainable community development and self-sufficiency to learn from its organic farmers and farmers’ organizations.



CITA Stewards will have the opportunity to live and train with MESA alumni and their farming communities, experiencing rural culture in beautiful Thailand. MESA alumni are thrilled to bring their training programs to a full circle now as host farmers in their communities. Along with MESA’s outstanding network of Thai alumni, CITA Stewards will have the opportunity to work with educators at Wanakaset Learning Center and the Khao Kwan Foundation.

The program will include a 2-week starter course mixing intensive Thai language and Thai self-sufficiency basics at the Wanakaset Learning Center. The center is famous for its dissemination of the Wanakaset (organic agro-forestry) principles and practices, which look not only at growing multilevel food and herb forests, but on how to use and transform one’s natural resources to meet all of the basic human needs, food,medicine, household goods, or to improve the soil’s fertility. After this cultural and ecological immersion, CITA Stewards will live and work in the field with some of the most recognized and respected new generation organic farmers, many of them MESA alumni, and their farming organizations. The program will conclude with a 3-day exit seminar and debrief at Khao Kwan Foundation where CITA Stewards will have the opportunity to share stories and celebrate the completion of the program with fellow CITA participants.


Program Details

November 2, 2012- January 25, 2013
Application Due: August 24th
Meet in Bangkok, travel to Wanakaset in Sanam Chai Khet
$3500 includes;

  • Pre-departure language preparations, materials and resources
  • Comprehensive pre-departure information packet
  • Hotel night and meals in Bangkok upon arrival
  • 14-day orientation, excursions, and training seminars including the “Forest Walk” at Wanakaset Learning Center in Sanam Chai Khet
  • 2-weeks of formal Thai language immersion study with private instructor, including learning materials
  • All local, program-related transportation
  • Room and board for 12-weeks
  • Training on international MESA-affiliated farms and community-based organizations (CBOs)
  • Hands-on instruction and mentorship from experienced farmers
  • Academic coursework facilitated by experts in the field
  • Course readings and materials
  • 3-day exit seminar and debrief at Khao Kwan Foundation in Suphanburi
  • International medical and travel insurance
  • 24/7 emergency contact and support abroad
  • Ongoing MESA alumni resources, networking, and support
  • Certificate of International Training in Agroecology awarded upon completion of all requirements

Visit the CITA Thailand webpage for more information.