Fernanda’s & Ellen’s SPRIG for Kids

MESAteaser_ferellen.jpgMESA steward Fernanda Ramos and host Ellen Bartholomew have developed a kid-centered SPRIG featuring garden-to-table education and small grains processing.

ef_wk-1st_gradersthreshinggrain.jpgEllen describes some of the photos: “this is a progression of threshing, winnowing, and making flour out of our stored grain. Fernanda is interested in garden-to-table education and we are starting with the independent study charter school on our property (Golden Rule community and farm, Willits, CA).  The kids LOVED it.  Fer was amazing at it.  We have more that we are doing. Our next workshop is with the 3rd and 4th grade; we’re teaching them drying fruit with a solar drier and cooking with a solar oven.  YAY!

Fernanda is also interested in teaching the important aspects of GROW BIOINTENSIVE (GB) to Spanish speakers in nearby communities so that the basic idea of growing more food in less soil using less water is spread to all people interested in sustainable communities. We appreciate her focus on garden-to-table sensibilities.  It is sometimes more important to know you’re feeding your loved ones delicious healthy food… than serving food that is attractive and fashionable.”

ferskitchenhelpers.jpgAs for Fernanda, here’s what she has to say about her SPRIG involvement:

“For me is very important the relationship between the garden and the kitchen, even more when you can help kids to create environmental and healthy food awareness, because they are very sensitive and  they can be good teachers in their families. Another idea that I am working on with Ellen is to teach GB to Hispanic communities of Willits and the Bay area. I’ll prepare a presentation in Spanish about basic items, tools, etc., of GB, in addition to practical workshops and field trips. The main idea is to share my experience and knowledge to help people to grow their own food and eat healthy.”