Sustainable Gardening Training for People with Disabilities


Sangolqui, Ecuador

Alum Project Leader:

Esteban Vasquez

Esteban designed his project working with the Fundacion General Ecuatoriana (FGE), an institution that trains people with disabilities for specific types of employment. The organization already had a class on gardening, but they were interested in trying to develop it more around organic vegetable production. Esteban was able to take on this aspect of the class. He wanted to share the knowledge he gained in the United States to implement in this project. Esteban built a greenhouse with the kids where they learned to seed and prepare transplants. He taught new techniques for the propagation of herbs and flowers and how to care for them. The students also learned about alternative methods to protect plants against insects and diseases such as the use of botanical extracts and physical barriers.  Additionally, they developed a compost system and Esteban taught about the importance of compost and soil nutrition and composition to improve the quality of the soil. He explained how different plants work together to protect each other from diseases and how to optimize the space in the garden and he used mulching techniques to show alternatives to weeding and the benefits of keeping the soil moist and humid.

Volunteer Opportunities:

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