Raising Awareness for Sustainability in Sri Lankan Farm Communities


Hambontota, Sri Lanka

Alum Project Leader:

M.M.P. Manathunga

S.M. Renuka Nandana Manike

Indika Dissanayaka

Saranga Lakmuni

Four enterprising MESA stewards combined their recent U.S. training experiences with their own local knowledge to facilitate workshops and demonstrations for 22 community groups comprised of dry-zone rice growers, conventional farmers, womens organizations and youth groups in three districts of Sri Lanka: Hambantota, Anpara and Polonnaruwa. Of the 478 farmers who attended the MESA alumni presentations co-sponsored by the Sewalanka Foundation, nearly all of the participants stated that they now better understand the importance of organic production. Community members have started to not only grow vegetables and fruits in their home gardens for sustenance, but also for market, generating income they have never had before.

Volunteer Opportunities:

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