Waterpenny Farm

Sperryville, Virginia

On Waterpenny Farm’s 10-acres, a diverse array of vegetables, herbs, and flowers are grown using all organic and sustainable farming methods. There is also a flock of egg-laying chickens. Fertilizer is made using green manures, composted animal manures, and a foliar fertilizer made of fish. Produce is sold through the Takoma Park Farmers Market, a CSA program, and local restaurants. "Waterpenny Farm is named after water pennies; small beetle larvae that can be found in some fresh water streams. Though they are no larger than your pinky fingernail, they can tell you a lot about the local environment. Water pennies are very sensitive to water pollution, so their presence in a stream indicates healthy water. We strive to run Waterpenny Farm in a way that allows water pennies, and therefore our local ecosystem, to thrive." -Eric Plaksin, farm owner