Your Member Account

Your member account on the MESA webpage gives you access to many private sections of the site. This is a brief list of the uses of the MESA webpage. We want the MESA webpage to be a place that you will return to often! Keep reading to learn how you can make the most of it!

Program Announcements

A place for MESA staff to make announcements that we want everyone to know about.  We will post these on the webpage, and send them via email.

Live Chat

This will provide you with a place to talk to one another and with MESA Staff.  Anytime you login to our website, you will see which Stewards are logged in to the page and you may write them live messages through the website.  MESA Staff will promise to be available through the website 2 hours a week, times TBA.


We are working on gathering any and all information that you may find useful during your program placements.


If you are interested in keeping an online journal of your experience in the MESA program, please email Andrew and let him know.  We may ask to post some of your journal to the public side of our website.


Andrew is working on the website all the time and would love your thoughts and suggestions towards making it better. Email Andrew with you’re ideas for improvement and he will get back to you as soon as he can.

That’s all for the first announcement! Stay tuned! 🙂