Fiscal Sponsorships


Over the years MESA has spawned the development and/or continued growth of a number of dynamic sustainable agriculture organizations – such as EcoVida in Riobamba, Ecuador (see below) – through its fiscal sponsorship program. To be eligible for fiscal sponsorship, individuals and organizations need to have an active relationship with MESA either as a Global Partner, Global Partner affiliate, or steward alumni.

As a fiscal sponsor, MESA can provide technical assistance, administrative support, and program development expertise, helping to guide you and your organization toward self-sufficiency.

For more information about MESA’s fiscal sponsor program, contact Leah Atwood at [email protected].



Ecovida : Centro de Apoyo al Desarrollo Popular in Riobamba, Ecuador, is an organization that offers educational opportunities to a growing collective of indigenous farmers, enabling them to learn new methods and techniques related to organic production for both subsistence farming and small-scale direct marketing.

MESA’s fiscal sponsorship helped EcoVida raise funds from US-based donors to purchase a reliable vehicle and grow their capacity to facilitate farmer-to-farmer exchanges or “Observation Tours” between indigenous farmer communities in the Andean Highlands, specifically in the provinces of Chimborazo, Tungurahua, and Bolivar, Ecuador.

The Observation Tours create opportunities for previously isolated individuals and families in this remote area to visit communities and farms in different provinces. They get exposed to new ideas while sharing challenges, successes, and best practices.